Margaret Sasse

Name: Margaret Sasse

Position: Founder and Director of Toddler Kindy GymbaROO


1929 Born in Kew, Melbourne, Australia

1947-1949 State Registered Nurse, trained at Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia.

1969-1973 Secondary school teaching with extensive experience in remedial teaching in country and metropolitan schools.

Margaret Sasse founded and became Director of ANSUA (A New Start for Under Achievers), Box Hill, Melbourne. In this capacity she was involved in new approaches to treatment of children with developmental learning and/or behavioral difficulties

She lectured to teachers and parents widely throughout Australia and organised seminars in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane for teachers and parents in conjunction with;
  • Dr Ray Wunderlich - MD Paediatrician, Nutritionist, Allergist.
  • Dr G Getman - OD, DOS Vision
  • Dr Carl Delacato - Ed D, Motor Sensory Development techniques
These techniques included developmental vision, nutritional care, allergy and biochemical factors, where children were referred to specialists if necessary.
Initiated the establishment of the School for Intelligent Under Achievers and promoted the establishment of ANSUA centres throughout Australia.
Undertook study at the Institute for Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured in Philadelphia, USA.
1976 Paper published by Margaret: A New Look at the Under Achiever. Australian Remedial Education Magazine, Vol 8, No 4.

1978 Paper presented at the AGSOMD Conference in Canberra: ANSUA, A New Start for Under Achievers. Later published in the Australian Journal of Retardation.

1979 Wrote and published 'If Only We’d Known' for parents and children.

Arranged an Australian lecture tour for Child Development specialist, Ray Wunderlich MD, from Florida USA.

1980 Paper by Margaret: Developmental Physical Education and Learning. Rebound, Rusden College of Physical Education, Melbourne.

1982 Resigned from ANSUA after the Council would not establish Early Childhood Education centres (birth to early school age) for parents and their children, to prevent the development of learning difficulties at school age.

The Margaret Sasse Child Development and Learning Consultancy was established. This was the first of its kind in Australia for the education of parents and their children. Margaret went overseas to see what was available and did not find any centres involved in parent/child education, so returned to Australia and established Toddler Kindy Gym.

First experimental Toddler Kindy Gym centre was established in East Kew, Melbourne.

The aims were:

1. To enhance motor development and thus assist children to learn to their genetic potential.

2. Prevention of later school learning difficulties.

3. To foster an awareness among parents of the importance of early childhood development to health, behaviour and learning.

4. To provide ‘watch dog’ early intervention services and guidance to parents.

Techniques involving motor-sensory, integrative therapy and vision were successfully introduced into Toddler Kindy Gym activities. Parents were made aware of nutritional and allergy factors and referred to specialists as required.

1982-1989 Edited bi-yearly GymbaROO newsletter for parents.


Was awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Orthomolecular Nutrition from the International Academy of Nutrition, Australia

Conducted a two day seminar on Child Development and Learning for Launceston Teachers Centre in Tasmania

Undertook a seven weeks study tour to USA with;

  • Dr Ray Wunderlich, Paediatrician, Allergist, Nutritionist
  • Dr G Getman, Vision specialist
  • Dr Jean Ayres PhD OT, Sensory Motor Integrative Therapy for Children
  • Jack Capon, EdD Perceptual Motor Program Specialist
1983 Establishment of first GymbaROO centre in Kew, Melbourne

1984 Sponsored an Australian lecture tour in Perceptual Motor Programs for schools with Jack Capon and Dr Gerry Getman.

1985 Production of 'The Importance of Being an Infant', co-produced by Margaret Sasse and sister Dr Mary Louise Sheil.

1986 Production of 'Jump into Reading with GymbaROO' with flash cards, by Margaret Sasse.

Overseas visit to Shanghai, China to observe their health department and Early Education Programs from birth to 3 years.

1988 Production of second video in ‘The Ladder of Learning’ series, ‘The Importance of Being One’, co-produced by Margaret Sasse and Dr Mary Louise Sheil.

Sponsored and organised a return visit by Jack Capon in an endeavour to further stimulate movement programs within schools to assist children in the learning achievement.

1989 Study trip in US with Dr Burton White, coordinator of the Missouri Parents as Teachers study for children from birth to three years.

Production of the third video in the series of 'The Ladder of Learning', 'The Importance of Being Two', co-produced by Margaret Sasse and Dr Mary Louise Sheil.

Jack Capon visited Australia, sponsored by GymbaROO.

1990 Production of the fourth video in 'The Ladder of Learning' series, 'The Importance of Being Three' co-produced by Margaret Sasse and Dr Mary Louise Sheil.

Revision and fifth reprint of ‘If Only We’d Known’.

Publication began of a magazine for parents 'First Steps on the Ladder of Learning'. This magazine was devoted to parent education and distributed to all parents attending GymbaROO classes. It was also given to patients in Maternity Hospitals throughout Australia.

Production of 'Perceptual Motor Programs for 2 years old to Kindergarten Age'.

1990-1996 Wrote many articles for publication in First Steps and obtained contributions from many professional people for parent education.

1991 Production of the fifth video in ‘The Ladder of Learning’ series, 'The Importance of Being Four'.

1993 Sponsored and organised a lecture tour of Australia and New Zealand by Jack Capon and Jack Evans, Perceptual Motor Program international experts. Jack Evans is also renowned for his work in school playground organisation.

1994 Attended a training course in Cheshire UK with Jane (Now Dr Jane Williams) on primitive and postural reflexes at INPP with Peter Blythe and Sally Goddard, observed specialists in this area in Sweden and Denmark, following training in Cheshire.

Trained in ‘Sound Therapy’ in Brisbane, Australia with Ingo Stienbach, a visiting specialist from Germany.

Due to concern over the many children in Child Care Centres, who did not have access to GymbaROO centres, Margaret wrote a ‘Perceptual Motor Program for 3 and 4 year olds’ for use in Child Care Centres, and employed a qualified teacher who was also a franchisee, to oversee the establishment of PMP programs in Child Care Centres.

1995 Attended Berard Sound Therapy Training in Melbourne with a grandson with developmental difficulties.

Re-wrote the Parent Handouts so that all parents attending GymbaROO centres could receive information each week as the handouts were age related. This involved many hours of research and the writing of approximately 376 individual information sheets on various aspects of early childhood development and their relationship to learning.

1996 Attended two weeks of training under Ingo Steinbach in Samonas Sound Therapy.

Re-wrote parent information hand outs for individual age groups to encourage parents to provide activities helpful to their child’s development and learning at home.

1997 Wrote Fun, Jump and Learn program for use in Child Care Centres.

Margaret was a finalist in the Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year Award.

Visited UK to attend Sound Therapy course 'The Listening Program' in an endeavor to learn more about Sound Therapy and its effect on young children and their learning and behavior.

2000 'If Only We’d Known' by Margaret Sasse revised and reprinted.

2002 On April 25, Margaret was awarded the ANZAC medal for her positive, selfless with compassionate manner of service to the community.

Publication of new book ‘Tomorrow’s Children’ by Margaret Sasse with graphics by Georges McKail.

2005 Filming for the revised edition of 'The Important of Being an Infant'

Margaret revised and re-wrote the parent handouts.

April GymbaROO is recognised as high value by the Inaugural National Maternal, Child & Family Health conference in Melbourne, and becomes their Platinium Sponsor, for that conference and subsequent biennial conferences to date. Paper presentation by Dr Jane Williams: Listening to Mothers. What do you hear?

May Attended the Institute of Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP) Annual Conference, Chester, United Kingdom. Paper presented by Jane Williams: Early prevention programmes for children.

Margaret lectured at ICBO conference in Sydney immediately following return from Europe.

2007 Revised edition of 'The Importance of Being One' produced by Margaret released on DVD.

2007 Margaret coodinated with Tim Mirabella, the Hastings Council, and the Victorian Education department in a small pilot study applying Margaret's (GymbaROO's) Neuro-Physiological developmental knowledge to a small groups of primary school children in a preliminary research study to determine if such methods could potentially have a positive impact on children's reading and learning skills.

2008 The above study indicated positive potential, and should justify a large formal study.

Professor Frances Glascoe, a recognised world authority on early childhood development agrees to become GymbaROO’s Patron for support and research.

2009 Margaret is recognised by Professor Frances Glascoe, a world authority in early childhood development, as an "international authority on the value (and enormous fun) of movement in children's lives" in her foreword to Margarets new book 'Smart Start' published by Exisle Publishing with graphics by Georges Mikail and released in May 2009.

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