GymbaROO Music

GymbaROO music is perfect for your child’s developing brain.

While the songs written, or chosen for our program are delightful and enjoyed by all, young and old, our music also encourages skill development in auditory processing, verbal memory, language, speech processing, perception, coordination, literacy, mathematics and more.  GymbaROO music forms an integral part of all our sessions. The songs are simple and slow enough for young children to understand and then respond to, and the words repetitive and clear so children can sing along. Our songs also incorporate developmental sequences and are recorded at a speed that allows children to complete the actions and build a range of skills. Our much-loved music contains positive messages and appropriate and suitable language for young children.

Each GymbaROO term has accompanying GymbaROO and BabyROO music and songs which you can download from iTunes or purchase. Some of our song lyrics are available to download too! Click the links below.

Purchase GymbaROO music here.

Download GymbaROO and BabyROO lyrics here.

Find out more about the creators of our GymbaROO and BabyROO music:

  • Tessarose Productions: GymbaROO, BabyROO and Active Babies Smart Kids music
  • Candylion: BabyROO and Active Babies Smart Kids music

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