Why GymbaROO Kids Excel

GymbaROO kids are excelling academically, on the sporting field, emotionally and in leadership roles. School teachers are describing those who have been through the GymbaROO program as having higher levels of concentration, better behaviour and being generally more socially mature and physically capable than their peers.

Vast and undeniable empirical evidence now supports the underlying concepts upon which GymbaROO was founded. Our program is receiving rapidly growing recognition for its ability to optimise development and help children reach their full potential.

GymbaROO stands out as being the ONLY parent-child program in the world that specialises in research-based, neuro-developmental, fun learning environments for babies to school aged children and their parents. It is also the only program in the world that has integrated key developmental activities, essential for complete development in each age and stage of development, into a comprehensive and all-encompassing program.

As GymbaROO has been a part of many families’ lives for over 30 years, there are now thousands of success stories of GymbaROO graduates who have developed into extremely well rounded, happy, confident and flourishing individuals. These children, some of whom are now adults, began GymbaROO as tiny babies and continued with the program until school age. Their parents also reinforced our program at home. So many have achieved academic excellence, have enjoyed an exciting variety of leadership roles and have gone on to reach elite levels in their chosen sports.

There are presently hundreds of thousands of parents involved in the GymbaROO program, all of whom are very excited for their children’s future as more and more evidence is being documented confirming the long-term benefits of our program!

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Why GymbaROO kids excel academically.

Why GymbaROO kids excel at sport.

Why GymbaROO kids excel socially and in leadership roles.