From Birth: Online Classes

GymbaROO’s, online BabyROO series is taking the parenting world by storm! It is being called: ‘The essential guide for parents’ and comes highly recommended by doctors, paediatricians, early childhood experts and the Maternal Child and Family Health Nurses Association.

This series is for parents and carers of babies from birth to crawling. It includes 12 x 22 minute episodes full of up-to-date, important developmental information, specialist’s advice and hundreds of loving, easy activities and ideas that help build key brain pathways and are fantastic for bonding.

Online Classes

What happens in the first year of life is profound and affects all later development. Our series shows you how to play with your baby in the best way for brain and body development and lay crucial foundations for future learning.
Follow along with the baby massages, dances, exercises, songs and more, and give your child the chance to be the best that he or she can be.

Join the hundreds of thousands of parents already loving this series and raising brighter, happier babies. No reading involved!

The Key Benefits of the Active Babies Smart Kids series

  • Join in the loving activities with your baby from birth. The earlier you start, the more of a difference you can make to your baby’s future.
  • Enjoy this series in your own home, at a time that suits you and your baby.
  • Learn why the first year is the most important to future learning and how you can make a MASSIVE difference to your child’s brain growth, neurological organisation, their future learning ability, sporting ability, behaviour and happiness.
  • Learn the ‘How and Why’ of the following important developmental areas:
    • Tummy time
    • Baby massage
    • Exercise for babies
    • Your baby’s balance
    • Body awareness and muscle tone development
    • The development of speech and hearing
    • The importance of rhythm and music
    • Hand development and hand-eye coordination
    • Foot development and foot-eye coordination
    • Infant reflexes (Primitive reflexes)
    • Crawling and creeping
  • Feel confident in your parenting and your knowledge about your baby’s development by providing ‘age and stage’ appropriate activities.
  • Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of modern parenting, which dramatically reduce movement experiences and severely impact developing brains and healthy development.

Our series is presently available in Australia and New Zealand only.

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