Level 2 – Crawlers

BabyROO Crawlers Classes

Crawler classes at GymbaROO are such great fun! As your baby becomes more mature, he/she begins to interact with you during the activities in a whole new way that is fun and exciting! Crawling and creeping are such important developmental stages that provide essential foundations for future learning and coordination. During your class, we explain why this is and show you how to get the most benefit for your baby out of this developmental stage by providing you with many ideas and activities that stimulate all areas of development.

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Our Level 2 Crawler BabyROO classes are 45 minutes, once a week. Come and join other local parents and babies and enjoy important up-to-date information and delightful activities, including movement ideas and games that will have your baby in fits of laughter, exercise, massage, music, rhythm, songs, dance and more! Learn how to play with your baby in the best way for brain and body development and lay crucial foundations for later learning.

During crawler classes:

  • At mat time there is more emphasis is placed on body awareness activities and your child will start to ‘take part’ in the music/singing activities – rocking along and moving with the music and even beginning to imitate the sounds.
  • We use balloons, bean bags, swisher ribbons, balls, hoops and other small equipment to provide new and unique sensory experiences in order to enhance development and learning.
  • We have a great time with a variety of musical instruments, helping your child’s developing sense of rhythm and beat, and encouraging auditory and sequencing skill development.
  • There is also the great excitement of our wonderful, specially designed equipment, with each piece serving the purpose of providing crucial stimulation for optimal development. We do lots of activities on our large equipment that strengthen all the muscles of the body required for good balance, coordination and posture when you baby starts walking. Your baby will love crawling all over the equipment, climbing, rolling, swinging, spinning, bouncing, balancing and more. The equipment set up changes every couple of weeks to provide your crawler with new and exciting challenges!
  • Our Treasure Bag items encourage your baby to develop visual skills, to focus attention and improve memory and speech. This is also a great time for tactile experiences and developing social interaction skills.
  • Our much-loved parachute activities stimulate your infant’s vision, orientation and space awareness, and is lots and lots of fun!
  • We continue to provide you with many enrichment activities and ideas to do at home with our weekly parent information handouts.
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