Level 6 – 2 ½ to 3 years

Children of this age brains are developing the ability to function so that the left and right sides of the body can manage different tasks and accomplish different skills – such as is required to hop i.e. one foot hops while the other is held up doing something different! This stage of brain development is so important for many future skills needed for school and sport and our classes are full of activities that ensure that each child has plenty of the opportunities needed!

The increasingly challenging and thoroughly enjoyable 45 minute Kangaroo class includes; free play, mat time, instructive equipment time, rhythm time and parachute games aimed at maturing integration of the senses, laterality, mid-line crossing skills and automaticity of cross pattern movements.

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The Kangaroo program is the stage at which we consolidate the early skills of crossing the midline so the process is completed by about 3 years of age. Activities increase in complexity as children are challenged to think and move at the same time.

During our Kangaroo classes:

  • Speech and comprehension bounds forth at this age. Instructions are increased in complexity and number to allow for the development of improved auditory and visual memory.
  • We practice new skills that incorporate moving and thinking at the same time, such as being able to jump forwards and backwards, balance on one leg while saying the days of the week. Large equipment is now set up for specific thinking and moving tasks.
  • Activities that encourage the use of a preferred hand and foot are now included in the program. This promotes the development of sensory integration and the consequent laterality and ability to cross the mid-line.
  • As the ability of one limb on one side doing something different to one limb on the other, we incorporate a variety of cross pattern crawling, walking and throwing activities especially with our array of small equipment; balls, swisher ribbons, bean bags, hoops, ropes, scarves and more.
  • The ‘crocodile’ pattern is now a normal part of the massage time. This not only improves your child’s overall development, but provides a vehicle for the inhibition of the primitive reflexes which can cause ‘hiccups’ in later academic learning.
  • Treasure bag visualisation program increases in complexity. Children are getting better at linking ‘words’ to pictures and describing the world around them.


  • Turn 3 years of age in the first 3 weeks of a new term
  • Master the above skills
  • Eye track smoothly from side to side
  • Can ride a 3 wheel trike
  • Know their left from their right

Level 7: Possums