Testimonials Archive - GymbaROO KindyROO

We LOVE GymbaROO!!!! Beautiful staff and the best developmental program for babies and preschoolers! I love learning the theory behind all the activities and knowing that it is helping my son in every possible way! Stef – Mitcham GymbaROO […]
My baby, husband and I love BabyROO. My son has grown in confidence and it’s amazing seeing the development in his gross and fine motor skills. Most of all we love the information we take home each week. As first […]
Both my children LOVE the GymbaROO program and look forward to attending their class each week. The teachers are just wonderful and the program itself has been such a benefit to my children’s learning and development over the years. I […]
We have been attending KindyROO since my son was four months old. The weekly programs are so engaging and the structure of each session has seen my son, now two, develop great independence and confidence. I am fortunate to have […]
Our son absolutely loves going to GymbaROO and his confidence has built right up! He loves climbing, jumping, the sensory play that is provided each week and socialising with other children his age. The teachers are awesome. Our daughter is […]
I love the structured classes that constantly extend and challenge my toddler in a fun and exciting way. GymbaROO is safe yet exciting and each milestone is explained to me relating to brain and body development. The fact that there […]
We’ve been attending GymbaROO since my son was born. We love how GymbaROO has given him so many preschool skills; including listening and responding during floor time, gross motor skills, word recognition and pronunciation, social skills and so much more! […]
We love GymbaROO – it is a great learning space for my son AND for myself! We learn something new every week! My little guy loves all the different play equipment – it provides a new challenge every time we […]
We love BabyROO. In addition to everything we learn, it’s quality mummy and daughter time. She adores it and this shows with all her smiles and giggles!! Laura – Joondalup GymbaROO […]
My daughter has been attending Hawthorn GymbaROO since she was nine months old. If I’d known about GymbaROO sooner I would definitely have started her earlier! She LOVES GymbaROO! GymbaROO has played a huge part in her cognitive, social, and […]