DVD Series

The Ladder of Learning DVD series

Written and directed by Dr Mary Louise Sheil MBBS and Margaret Sassé (Founder of GymbaROO and KindyROO)

This highly regarded series of DVDs is recommended for parents and professionals who are seeking to understand how early neuro-physiological development is critical for establishing the foundations that influence how well a child learns, behaves and succeeds in life.

The Ladder of Learning series is used all over the world by both parents and educators in universities, tertiary training institutions, specialist clinics and other educational establishments. The first in the series, The Importance of being an Infant, has been widely used by Maternal and Family Health clinics throughout Australia for many years.

Starring a delightful cast of babies and children, this series clearly shows the important neuro-physiological developmental rungs up the ‘Ladder of Learning’ from infancy to five years of age. Throughout the series, parents and teachers learn the vital stages of early childhood development and gain an understanding of their significance to a child’s future health, happiness, development, learning ability and achievement at school.

The critical foundations for learning are established during early childhood. Introducing the correct movement experiences into babies and young children’s daily lives will have a profound influence on neurological organisation, brain growth and intelligence. Each DVD shows you how, in a fun way, you can assist your child or those in your care, at each age and stage, to ensure that by school entry they are developmentally ready to learn.

While some of the Ladder of Learning DVD’s have been updated to reflect modern clothing styles, those that have not remain completely relevant developmentally. While clothing styles may change, infant and child development stages do not. Any evolutionary change would take thousands of years, and tragically we may in fact be going backwards. You will notice that some children in the DVD’s are achieving a higher developmental level than many children of today. Our modern lifestyle is interfering significantly with the natural, expected, physiological stimuli required for optimal brain development and this is dramatically affecting how our children’s brains are developing. This explains, in part, why many more children today are arriving at school developmentally ill prepared to take on the higher-order thinking skills required for learning and behaving in the classroom.

Enjoy this series and help to make the world brighter and happier, one child at a time.

Duration: Each DVD is approximately 45 minutes long.

The Importance of Being an INFANT
The Importance of Being ONE
The Importance of Being TWO
The Importance of Being THREE
The Importance of Being FOUR
The Ladder of Learning Series: Set of Five