Tomorrow’s Children

The founder of the GymbaROO program shows parents how to develop and nurture their child’s learning skills in the crucial first years of life.

Inspired by the large proportion of highly intelligent under-achievers in our schools, Margaret was convinced that greater awareness among parents and teaching institutions of the importance of early child development in the first years of life prior to school entry was the key to solving this tremendous problem.

The first years of a child’s life represent the period when all the foundations required for learning are developed, including the structure of normal, natural physical and emotional human growth through neurological (brain) development.

Margaret spent a life time dedicated to the development and learning skills of babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school aged children. She was married for nearly 60 years, had five children and qualifications in nursing and teaching. She studied extensively in the USA, UK and Europe in areas of neuro-development, early reflexes and sound therapy. Margaret worked with many children with learning and behavioural problems before setting up GymbaROO, an organisation for parents and young children specifically designed to prevent later learning problems.

Tomorrow’s Children overviews how the brain develops, how to nurture optimal child development and what parents can do if a child is struggling developmentally. The facts are simply stated and well illustrated so parents can follow the key neuro-developmental processes. ‘Get Smart’ home-based activity programs are included for parents who wish to start their children on a sensory-motor program at home.