The GymbaROO Pregnancy Program

Babies Before Birth

Recent years have seen a growing body of research confirming that a developing baby begins to learn very early on during the gestation period. Even in utero, the kinds of experiences a growing baby has affects how well the brain connects and constructs itself. The focus of this GymbaROO program is on the role that movement, music, voice and rhythm play in the development of your developing baby’s brain and body. Read more on this research here.

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GymbaROO’s Pregnancy Program

GymbaROO’s Babies Before Birth program is a one and a half hour workshop for pregnant women, however partners are most welcome to join in the fun too! Come along anytime from the earliest weeks after conception and join us as we sing, dance and explain the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of encouraging the healthy growth and development of your baby right from the very beginning! You will leave with lots of movement and music activities and ideas that you can do every day at home during pregnancy which helps promote the development of your baby’s brain while ‘in construction’!

The diet and emotional health of the mother are, of course, extremely important factors and if you have concerns about these we do recommend you speak with your local health professionals.

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