School Readiness

During our GymbaROO School Readiness classes, children have a wonderful time whilst consolidating their developing skills in all areas required for successful learning at school and beyond!

Our classes support this very important stage of brain development by introducing a more complex and specific set of exercises and fun movement experiences that focus on integration of the senses, laterality and crossing the midline, cross pattern work, automaticity of movement that enables thinking and moving to occur in unison, and independent function of individual body parts – all of which are essential skills needed for formal learning and smooth coordinated movement.

Of course, this is all done whilst having an enormous amount of fun! Lead by their GymbaROO teacher, your children will be dancing, singing, spinning, swinging, tumbling, jumping, balancing and laughing as they follow instructions, experience team work and enjoy playing and learning with other children. Their developing concentration and co-ordination allows for new and exciting challenges on our GymbaROO equipment!

Each activity in these classes is carefully planned to ensure children have the best skills in place to start school, so it’s no surprise that children who participate in the GymbaROO program achieve more successfully socially, emotionally, physically and academically.

Research has shown that children who attend GymbaROO School Readiness develop

  • Listening skills and the ability to follow directions.
  • Positive self-esteem and confidence in a group situation.
  • Social skills e.g. turn taking, cooperation, ability to function as part of a group.
  • Self-help skills e.g. independence and recognition of belongings.
  • Strong hands and fingers (and backs and arms) ready for writing.
  • Visual and language skills ready for reading.
  • Awareness of pattern and rhythm ready for math.
  • Well-developed balance, coordination and gross motor skills to help ensure your child’s brain and body is ready for learning.
  • A sense of fun.

We would love you to join us!