Level 4 – 18 months to 2 years

The Level 4 Koala age group is a very important time as this is when the brain consolidates all the foundations of learning that have been put into place in earlier GymbaROO classes.

At around 18 months of age it’s as if a master switch has been activated and there is a big leap in development. During this next six months your child’s brain starts to strengthen and speed up the messages it sends to the body, so new skills like jumping, running, walking up stairs and starting to do actions to rhymes are able to be learnt. This age group is starting to do some of the activities without help which is very exciting for all!

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Level 4 Koalas are walking with greater balance, running everywhere and climbing everything! Jumping with two feet together is the exciting new skill learnt at this age, as well as hanging with two hands and arms together.

 During the Koala class:

  • We continue to sing well known nursery rhymes and songs from the GymbaROO CDs. Toddlers are now attempting to join in with enthusiasm! Music stimulates movement and learning in a fun, exciting way and is encouraged through both exercises and dance activities.
  • We now use rhythm sticks, not only for rhythm, but also for fine motor work. Level 4 Koalas have more coordination and body awareness and can follow two auditory commands at a time.
  • Crossing the overhead ladder is now part of every session, as is the ‘crocodile’ movement during the massage session. These essential skills provide our brain with the neuronal pathways and connections that create the foundational platforms for later learning.
  • Toddlers are starting to learn their colours. Matching of colours is done on every possible occasion, with the beanbags, ladder rungs and parachute. Do not expect them to know the colours yet – matching comes before colour identification.
  • We continue developmental activities with our fabulous array of small equipment; balls of all sizes, swisher ribbons, bean bags, hoops, ropes and more.
  • Koala classes are often combined with Penguin Level 3 classes to enable parents a greater choice of attendance times. As we teach according to the children in the class this will include activities that challenge and stimulate both age groups.


  • Are approximately 2 – 2 1/2 years
  • Jump, climb and hang confidently
  • Tic-toc and balance on one leg briefly
  • Copy body movements
  • Have an increased attention span

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