test Level 1 – Six Weeks Old to Crawling

Non-crawler BabyROO Class

The role you play in the first year of your child’s development is one of the most important tasks you will ever undertake as a parent. You are your baby’s first, most important and best teacher. Our Level 1, non-mobile BabyROO program helps you feel confident in your knowledge about your baby’s total development and and shows you how to best ensure the essential foundations for development and future learning are in place. Extensive research has demonstrated that knowledgeable parents care for their infants with greater competence and confidence.


Our Level 1 non-mobile BabyROO classes are 30-45 minutes (depending on age), once a week and focus on natural sensory and motor development. Come and join other local parents and enjoy important up-to-date information, ideas and delightful activities activities that stimulate all areas of development. Learn how to play with your baby in the best way for brain and body development and lay crucial foundations for later learning.

Learn the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of

  • Tummy time
  • Baby exercise
  • Baby massage
  • Baby dances
  • Rhythm and music activities
  • Balance activities
  • Visual development games
  • Speech and hearing activities
  • Muscle tone and strengthening activities
  • Bonding
  • Raising a settled, happy baby
  • So much more

We provide you with weekly parent information
handouts to help you consolidate your
understanding of your baby’s development.
These include loving activities that can be easily
accomplished at home.

We have a room full of fabulous equipment
that has been specifically designed for babies.
We show you many wonderful ways to use this
equipment to help give your non-mobile babies
the stimulation they need yet cannot give themselves.
Each piece of equipment serves the purpose of
providing crucial stimulation for optimal development.

We help you learn to avoid many of the pitfalls that
may occur as result of the interferences of modern life
and help you care for you baby with greater competence
and confidence, assisting your baby to develop into a
successful learner and a confident, healthy adult.


If there is not a GymbaROO in your area, then join in with our highly acclaimed FREE online BabyROO classes.



Babies will move to Crawling BabyROO Level 2 Classes when they are:

  • Moving backwards or pivoting in a circle on their tummy.
  • Moving forward on tummy or hands and knees.