Babies – Baby ROO

Start GymbaROO from birth with our Baby ROO classes, then once your baby is six weeks of age you can come and join other local parents and babies and experience the wonderful socialisation, fun and learning involved in our highly recommended and internationally acclaimed BabyROO classes at your nearest GymbaROO centre.

What happens in the first year of life is profound and affects all later development. During your BabyROO class you will learn important developmental information and enjoy hundreds of fun, easy activities and ideas that build key brain pathways, helping to ensure your baby lays the crucial foundations for later learning.

GymbaROO centres offer both non-crawling and crawling classes run by professionally trained and qualified instructors. These classes are 30 – 45 minutes long (depending on age), once a week and include information handouts and home activity suggestions.

Research confirms that there is a direct relationship between the stimulation babies receive and how well they later behave, read and learn. Babies who have the correct early movement experiences, like those you will learn at BabyROO, are found to have improved coordination, concentration, memory, perception and improved confidence, communication and socialisation skills. Children who have been through the GymbaROO program are excelling academically, on the sporting field, emotionally and in leadership roles later at school.

The earlier you start GymbaROO, the more of a difference you can make to your child’s future learning ability. It is in these first years of life that the foundations for later learning, and for social and emotional health, happiness and success are laid.