GymbaROO sensorimotor programs for childcare, preschool and school

GymbaROO sensorimotor programs for childcare, preschool and school

GymbaROO kids are excelling academically, emotionally, in leadership roles and on the sporting field. Classes from birth – 5 yrs

Are you aware that you can provide essential neurological growth and development activities through the GymbaROO Sensorimotor Program at your centre or school? By implementing this program you will not only help the children attending your centre/school, but you will also be helping to bring about an important change to the future of education by delivering students that are significantly more developmentally ready to learn, more emotionally and socially mature and more able to participate constructively in the classroom.

Let us all work together to make the world a brighter place, one child at a time.

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Yet another year has passed with NAPLAN scores flatlining, or declining as in the case of writing, despite the Government spending billions on education. GymbaROO kids on the other hand are excelling, not only academically but also on the sporting field and in leadership roles. School teachers are describing those who have been through the GymbaROO program as having higher levels of concentration, better behaviour and being generally more socially mature and physically capable than their peers.

Recent studies involving the inclusion of the GymbaROO sensorimotor movement program (Unlocking Potential ‘UP’) in primary schools clearly show statistically significant positive effects on children’s academic achievement. The results show a considerable reduction in the number of children scoring in the lowest NAPLAN bands across all subject areas and an increase in the number of children scoring in the highest NAPLAN bands. Very importantly, schools implementing the program report that these effects are holding in later literacy and numeracy assessments.

Alongside the latest neurodevelopment research, the results of these studies have major implications for teaching strategies in educational and childcare establishments and for the development and learning potential of all children. There is no longer any doubt that the GymbaROO program ensures that the neurological organisation essential for learning is firmly in place and that it should play a key role in the education of all babies and childrenGymbaROO parents know this already. They have seen first-hand the difference they have made to their child’s development simply by having chosen GymbaROO as a part of their learning journey.

What we know: The latest neuro-developmental research

Neuro-scientific studies now confirm that the experiences a child has in the first years of life are absolutely critical for brain development. It is during this time that much of the essential wiring linked to learning is laid down. How well children behave, read and learn at school is directly related to the kinds of stimulation they experienced in the years beforeschool. As a result, these formative years shape a child’s future health, happiness, development, learning ability and achievement at school.

In the early years, brain connectivity occurs as a result of movement experiences.  For optimal neurological organisation, these movement experiences need to be those that the brain has evolutionarily developed to expect. Introducing the correct movement experiences into babies and young children’s daily lives from the earliest months will have a profound influence on brain growth and intelligence. 

GymbaROO BabyROO Developmental triangle and brain

What babies and children need

What babies and children need are parents, carers and teachers who understand development and act on this knowledge. At GymbaROO we empower parents with the latest developmental knowledge to ensure they understand why and how they can assist their children in developing essential skills for future learning. Through our outreach programs, available for child care centres, kindergartens, preschools and primary schools, we aim to share this expertise with your child’s future carers and teachers as well. The more this happens, the more likely that ‘the powers that be’ will start paying attention to this critical foundation to successful learning!

The studies and their significant results

The following two recent studies involved primary school aged children participating in UP – the daily 25 minute neuro-developmentally structured physical activity program designed by GymbaROO, over a 10-12 month period during their school day.

Study One:  Kids learning ability increased dramatically after doing the GymbaROO UP movement program…and the more often the better!

This study of over 400 primary school children, found that the average neurological age of those participating in a GymbaROO movement program three times a week, increased by an average of nearly TWO YEARS in the 10-12 month testing period; that’s DOUBLE what is normally expected of children of the same age. Children who completed GymbaROO activities five times a week, showed even better results, jumping nearly THREE YEARS in their neurological development in just one year!

The same report records that students from the ’randomised’ class mixes and school cohorts who did not undertake UP did not improve outside the norms.

Study Two:  NAPLAN results improve with GymbaROO activities

A second study clearly showed again, a significant improvement in academic achievement. Those children who completed GymbaROO activities five times a week scored well above average on their NAPLAN results.  As well as improved NAPLAN results, teachers also reported noticeable improvements in classroom and playground behaviour, concentration, handwriting, letter reversals, ability to follow instructions, coordination, fitness, morale and overall happiness at school.

The Principal of the participating school commented: “One of our highly experienced teachers – one of the best I have seen – was cautious at first of adopting the GymbaROO program. However, she now swears by it and will not let anything take away from sensorimotor time.”

Case Study: GymbaROO sensorimotor programs in childcare in Canberra. Click here

GymbaROO kids are excelling

As GymbaROO has been a part of many families’ lives for over 30 years, there are now thousands of success stories of GymbaROO graduates who have developed into extremely well rounded, happy, confident and flourishing individuals. These children, some of whom are now adults, began GymbaROO as tiny babies and continued with the program until school age. Their parents also reinforced our program at home. So many have achieved academic excellence, have enjoyed an exciting variety of leadership roles and have gone on to reach elite levels in their chosen sports. By way of example; recently, six out of seven soccer players from the Rising Star Program, who went on to play English premier league, were GymbaROO graduates. Their FIFA qualified coach reports that he can tell when a player runs out onto the field, whether he/she attended GymbaROO as a child. You can read more about these studies and find more accounts of GymbaROO kids excelling here.

Happy child on the equipment at GymbaROO

Child care centres, schools and governments are constantly seeking ways to improve learning outcomes. For the sake of all children, help us to get them moving in the right direction. The GymbaROO program delivers students who are significantly more developmentally ready to learn, and emotionally and socially more able to participate constructively in the classroom. Teachers are therefore able to deliver teaching strategies that maximise the learning outcomes of all their students and parents can be assured that their child is being given the best chance to develop to their potential.

Dr Jane Williams (PhD, BMgt, RN(Paeds)) is the Research and Education General Manager for GymbaROO and KindyROO. She is one of Australia’s leading experts on baby and child development. More on Dr Williams here.

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Thousands of parents, babies and children are presently involved in our programs. GymbaROO kids are excelling academically, emotionally, in leadership roles and on the sporting field. Come join all the fun and learning! “GymbaROO – The best decision I ever made for my child.” Classes from birth – 5 years.  Find your local GymbaROO.

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